Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've had this long going project in one of my classes, it's to create a monograph for ourselves, which is basically a coffee table type of book about ourselves. Its been a slow start, I'm just not in the mood to make any more books right now, I'd much rather just work on my thesis and website, they interest me so much more right now than a book that i will never do anything with.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about

I painted my first picture in years, its for the Index show we have in a few weeks. Its inspired from the imagery i'm using in my thesis profect with alot of drawing right on the wooden canvas'. I'm pretty proud of how it came out, i like it so much more from up close than i do from far away, i love the detail of the splatters, and the colors they create, it might be hard to tell from the pictures. hopefully it will look good in the gallery it will be hanging in.
The piece acrylic paint, coffee, micron pen, pencil, and root beer soda, "for the stain." it's approximatly 2.5 feet tall, and 5 feet wide. so its a pretty big piece for me, i dont usually work this big ever, my work tends to be smaller most of the time and very hand held. I'm not positive if I'm done with the piece, but for now i am, i might keep working on the left piece
alittle more, and have it have a better transition between the wood and the black splatter, but we'll see what i come up with in the next few days.

Until then, its bed time, goodnight everyone.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

PONDER ...coming soon

"Ponder" is the name I'm working with for my Thesis project, I've started creating tags and banners and such for this project. The semester is half over, I've got alot of work to do, including a piece i need to make for our "Index" show, which is just for seniors and we're suppose to submit 1 piece each, it can go along with our thesis, or not. i want mine to, hopefully I'll finish it by the end of this vacation. more on this later.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the interweb and drawing parties

Its spring break now, woo hoo! not exactly as exciting as Mtv makes it out to be, most of my break will probably be spent in the studio doing some work, hanging out withfriendsand working at the Art Mart for a few days. i was thinking about going to new york to see my sister but dont think i will end up going. Latly I've been really into making a website for myself, "one that will actually go online." unlike my other one. its coming along nicely, i'd say almost ready to put up, i just need to buy a domain and some space and i'm set. so i'l be getting to that in the next week. I also made a store page, and hopefully when i start printing shirts for my thesis I will be able to sell some on there, i'm also thinking about opening up one on Etsy, it looks like they get alot of traffic and might be able to sell more on there. So here are some layouts from it, the top on is the main page, and the options on the page will change the picture of the works that will be displayed on the same screen.

Its also Spring break again, So heres me and a bunch of my friends being really drunk at my buddy's Aaron and Ira's party.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thesis Process

So the last semester has been my "Senior Thesis" work, besides the other classes on top of that, so I havent been able to do as much as i wish, but I'm starting to get into something I feel like, these are a few things Ive been working on.

1. My thesis is based around why I have always wanted to be a graphic designer, which is that i have always wanted to design album covers and tshirts for bands basically, ever since I started going to shows when I was younger. So I started researching these bands in the mid 90's, bands in the relm of Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike and At the Drive In. and researching what there imagry was and how it was created. I also researched older bands such as The Beatles.
I then attempted to make designs off of the research I did, not necissarily referencing the bands or the imagry they already had, but the music and the lyrics. some things came out of that but not much.
I came up with two landscapes out of that based on lyrics and album titles. I'm enjoying that exploration, so Im going with it. These are a few I have been working on the last few days.

Some Logo ideas.V I'm also working "slowly" on the packaging on the soon to be tshirts, and a logo for the whole project, "which i guess is basically a limited edition Tshirt line. I want to have tags for all the shirts, and logos to go with them.
Some other ideas. not sure if i'll continue with them.

New Apartment and Peter's Book

I moved into a new apartment exactly a week ago, with my good friend Liz, who is also a GD major at MECA. heres a picture of the building, its right downtown Portland and I'm connected to the building Bullmoose Music is in, i never thought I'd live that close to a BM Music store, so thats pretty awesome!
I also worked today, heres a picture of my work, and what i see everyday. It was sunday so no one really comes in.

These are a few illustrations I did tonight for by buddy Peter's book cover for his thesis, I dont really know anything about his book or what its about, all I know is he asked me to draw that type of tree which I cant remember the name of, and a guy hanging from his feet, I did one that turned out very illustrated, and then i did one that was just a sillioutte. "spelling?"

Listen to the world turn

My friend Shayna said she made me a birthday present, "which I have yet to receive." not to long ago, so I found out when her birthday was, and its a month or two, but I decided to make her a birthday present, and i finished it pretty soon, its a little sketchbook, kind of like my journals I've been making, its recycled brown paper on the inside and a chipboard front and back cover, using book tape to bind the whole thing, and inserting a nice pattern on the inside so its not all brown. I drew on a few of the pages for fun. its about 5''-7''