Thursday, September 06, 2007

the big dirty (imitation is the sincerest form of battery)

I'm stealing my friend Whitney's idea for this post, posting what I wore for the day and also whitney to, we had a pretty good run for best tshirts of the day i think, no one can beat us! I'm wearing my new set your goals tshirt i recently got, i kind of love it and its not a black tshirt with white graphics on it, which is what i pretty much wear everyday, so thats good. I think whitneys been wearing that skeleton shirt for 4 days now, haha. washing clothes is pretty overrated though.

So classes are starting again and I got my studio in the school back, it doesent have anything in it yet, because everything is still packed up in my apartment, hopefully this weekend I'll slowly bring all my stuff back into the school and start working. I'm trying to think of projects for myself that i can work on during the school year, nothing to big for I'll still have massive amounts to do for classes, but just little things that could be fun thats I've been wanting to do for awhile.
1. the first is to do some illustrations, more than one color drawings, I'm not sure exactly how I will go about this yet but it will be something fun to practice. I plan on doing a self portrait of some sorts first, I havent dont any kind of self portrait for years I feel like.
2. the second is to make mix cd's and design packaging for them. hopefully i can get someone else on this to so i wont be doing it alone and can make more hopefully. I'm thinking of making all of the packaging, printing it out at school for pretty much free, and taking maybe one night a month and doing it then staying up all night, and hopefully bust out a good number of them, nothing to big, maybe a run of 15-25. Its hard to tell how many i could actually make, and how detailed i decide to make the packaging will have a huge impact on everything, I want them to be somewhat one of a kind things.

We'll see if I can get into these two things, i will definetly be posting them on here if i do, as well as alot of new things to come throughout the school year as i get back into things.

I also just bought the new every time i die album, "the big dirty" its pretty good, one of the only somewhat hardcore bands I'm still into, very short album though it seems. i kind of like how they have changed, very southern rock feeling which is kind of a cool change that has been evident throughout all of their albums i've always felt, just taking it further on this one. I also got a free signed booklet when i bought it at bullmoose, kind of weird eh.