Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kate Bingaman Zine Workshop 2008

The past week we had a visiting artist come to MECA, Kate Bingaman, who is from Mississippi and does alot of amazing work, she runs her own company/studio called Obsessive Consumption, which is very cool and does alot of hands on work and drawing, check it out in the link. Kate also has more good energy then anyone I've probably ever met, and that was great to have around meca.
She gave an artist presentation to the school that had a bigger turnout than any other artist presentation i've been to at meca and a Zine workshop for 2 days which I attended and came up with my own little zine. she also came to our gd studios and gave one on one talks with us about are art since we are all starting our senior thesis projects and are all pretty nervous and consumed in that. the workshop was also a good break from being in the studio not getting much done on the thesis project. I've made it a goal for myself to get off of the computer more.
Here's a flyer for her visit and some pictures from the workshop.

Kate made her own MECA zine for all of us who attended and gave out buttons, posters and other crafty things. also had a goco machine on hand and a button maker. "thanks for letting us attack your button machine when you left Kate! we made an insane amount of buttons!"

This is my zine i made for the workshop, its a very simple idea, I just decided to go around for the day and take pictures of some of my friends and other people in the workshop and draw them, I wanted to pictures to look like the person but be alittle different by adding my own hand touch to them. My friend Shayna drew the cover image, its a picture of me since I didnt draw one of myself.
"These drawings are also the first ones that i made, i didnt do any mess up's, I just went with the first one that I made of each person."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doug Scott Workshop 2008

The past thursday and friday the graphic design dept. had a visiting artist and we had a 2 day workshop with him. His name was Doug Scott, "he made the 'Zoom' logo." and some other stuff, i wasent to impressed with his body of work but he definetly knew what he was talking about and it was good to hear someone else not in our dept. talk about design and there experiences.
The project was to create a book using our influences, something i feel like I've done a million times this semester. I'm sick of talking about my influences and making pieces just about myself, after awhile its boring and all of my work turns out looking the same. which everyone constantly tells me.
The workshop was still a good experience and i had fun, seeing other peoples work was fun to.

The book is a accordian, 5 spreads, with a front and back cover.
"This project was a look into what inspires us as designers, so there is a lot of samples imagery in these pages, i'm not claiming that the mathew woodson or dan blakeslee images are mine."

This is a sketchbook that i made for myself the other day, I'm only going to use it for my thesis work, its just a sketchbook but i figure i havent put anything knew on here for aboout a month or more.

this is what i do at work when i get bored.