Thursday, February 22, 2007

deer poster

This is a design I just worked on, not to much to say about it, i was just playing around trying to come up with ideas and this is what came out. alot is drawn out by hand then scanned in and the color is added in photoshop.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So me and my friend Tami have decided to design some posters together, this came about because I have been working on a map for my information design class about shipwrecks in New England, and mapping out where they have occurred, having alot of trouble finding already existing maps though. Tami is working on somewhat of a similiar project in her print making classes, making pieces about shipwrecks in new england and trying to tell a story in her pieces, and doing alot of research!
So we're going to try and colaborate on hopefully a few posters, new england themed mostly but we dont have any set regulations for ourselves, hopefully soon I will begin to design some and then we'll get back together and hopefully figure out some thing. Tis is at the very begining stages, but I really hope we get our shit together and have enough time to do these cus i'm pretty excited about it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bell the cat

For my web design class we are starting to design web pages, for this one we were given a part of a story and had to design a page for it, its only one page and is suppose to link to everyone Else's in the class. Everything is hang drawn except for the white mice and the tree which was put through some filters in photo shop, the back round was originally going to stay as canvas or some type of fabric but I didn't like it after seeing it , so I changed it to black and white and messed with it a little so it just gave it a dirty look and fit more with the black and white look. the top image is basically the finished piece, except for the linking and the black birds which turn pink. so go look at the finished piece HERE.