Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year.

its almost the new year. I hope this year is filled with lots of new things for me. I hope I can accomplish alot this year, I hope I can get my art thing going and not have to work at the art store anymore. I want to be able to make a living for myself doing what I love.
I hope I can find a girl that is actually into me and that I can create an amazing relationship with. I think I;ve been looking for that ever since I came to Portland.

I hope I can meet alot of new people and make alot of new friendships.

I guess thats all I can ask for right now. Also I just got a bunch of new music from my buddy Alex, and I finally got The Gaslight Anthem, I really like this band, there really good. Here's a video of theirs. Enjoy.

Monday, December 29, 2008


New stuff from the sketchbook.

I'm also in my studio doing alittle work, finally hooked a hose up from my spray out booth to the sink which is right next to it, works pretty good. also got a new table top to print on, and soon I think moving the big press downstairs into the new print room in the Studio Building.

I also saw this amazing movie the other night st SPACE Gallery, called Let the Right One In, its a Sweedish Vampire movie. it's by far the best movie I'd seen in a long time, and am really glad i went. I suggest this movie to everyone.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Storm 08!!

The last few days in Portland and in New England period there has been a huge snow storm, which resulted in my car getting completly covered in snow and the only way of getting it out was by getting it towed. oh well. atleast its out now.
I've got to say though, besides the car thing I kind of didnt mind this storm, it was pretty beautiful and didnt really cause me any damage, I've been going to my studio at night and working during the days, I love my new internship, it's getting me back into music, which I feel like I;ve been forgetting about in past months. Free shows are always a plus as well.
So here are a few pictures of the snow...

I also went to the SPACE Gallery Christmas party and did a yankee swap, i think it was my first real yankee swap, and this is what I got. A robot made by my new buddy Bryan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Internship

I started interning at a local art and music venue lately called SPACE Gallery, if you live in Portland or around the area you probably already know what it is. I'm really excited about this and think its will/has been alot of fun, I've been working there for the past 2 weeks and its been a really fun experience so far, something new to me that I havent really tried before, but definetly up my alley, since I have always been obsessed with music and going to shows.

I'm helping out Ian Paige, whos in charge of events that come through Space, and it seems like he's in charge of alot more that I'm not even sure of yet. It looks like I'm going to be helping book bands, send out emails etc. gathering information about incoming acts and hopefully be really involved in the web presence of SPACE, and doing blog updates. which they are really looking to do, and I'm happy I came in at the right time it seems.
Really excited to be there and just be able to help out in what there trying to do. and hopefully learn alot from it. Since I've graduated I feel like I havent been involved in things in Portland, and this is one big step in the right direction for me.

Things are looking up!

SPACE blog
SPACE website

Thomas Boucher in CMYK

My buddy Tom Boucher is being featured in the magazine CMYK this month, with his illustration "Vain" its pretty awesome, and really exciting to see his print in the magazine, I still have to pick up a copy but I took a peek at it the other day. Everyone should go check out his site and blog if you havent done so!Here's the print thats in the magazine V

pictures from the new studio!

So I've been moving into my new studio for the past 2 weeks. its finally almost all set up and all my stuff is finally in it, including my printing equipment. All I really need now is a good surface to put on my table and attach the clamps on it to print on, and a hose to run from the sprayout booth to the sink right next to it. I have also worked out moving my printing press to the floor below me to free up alot of room in the studio. In the next month to a few months the Artist Studio building is renovating a room on the 2nd floor and turning it into a printing room for everyone to use as well as anyone around town to use, by paying a fee. "I believe".

So everything is going awesome, I'm trying to make it feel at home in here. and debating buying a new computer just for studio purposes. I have taken a few move in pictures from the past week, here are some of them. not necissarily in order. The next picture is the ceiling of my room, its pretty amazing to have that over me, and silver.

thanks alex and leah for helping me move my stuff! it was a big help!
Empty room!

V i feel like i never leave this place ever! "the art mart"
V Sean Newton, my across the hall/floor buddy and awesome guy!

V a print Meagan Anderson gave me, I hung it up in my studio since the walls are so bare right now. its a pretty awesome print! i love it!
V gettin the old book collection together.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Harpoon The Moon

Here's a new page in de ol sketchbook, I'm getting pretty close to the end of this one. It's the first time in awhile that I've had a good sketchbook and actually might finish it, unlike others where I start out strong and never and up getting more than halfway through.

I just gathered all of my art supplies, well most of them to start to move everything to the studio tomorrow and to start setting it up. all i need now is a big table and some shelving to organize everything.
Oh and I got a new internship, more on this later...