Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Maximalistic Dance Party!

I just finished a job for Neon Garden, for an events at the White Heart in Portland, ME. same guy that the Lady Magma poster was for, it's kind of fun printing these posters just becasue of the colors I get to use, the pink and teal are super bright and all of them are printed on Canary yellow paper, 11-17inches.
My good friend Shayna came by and helped me print for awhile, thanks Shayna! she took most of these pictures shown below. Its always alot more fun to have someone print with you and to just hang out and listen to good music with while printing. well enjoy the process pictures below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fucked Up (band) pictures

Took some photos at a show the other night at SPACE Gallery of the band Fucked Up, pretty awesome show! and one that SPACE doesent usually see. I was really glad about the outcome of people as well since there was a huge snow storm that day. Here's a few shots from the show, to see all of the photos I took please go to the www.emblemstudio.org post.

Friday, January 16, 2009


www.Emblemstudio.wordpress.com is now www.emblemstudio.org!!!

So if anyone has linked this page on their site or blog, please change it, or maybe it wont make a difference? who cares, either was this site has its own domain and doesent have the annoying ".wordpress.com" after it. And thanks to anyone who might have linked my page, I appreciate it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

to bad your beautiful

I'd have to say I think my sketchbook drawings are going back to dirty looking design, always seems to go that way. I'm pretty happy with these few pages though.

New Poster!!!

I just printed some posters for my buddy Bryan, he's putting on a show at Slainte in Portland on the 30th. I was glad he came to me to print up some posters, mostly because I really want to get into printing posters for people, bands, places etc. and second because I'm alittle rusty at it and these were the first things I;ve printed in my new studio, and the first time I burned a screen here, which was actually alot easier than i though. thanks Beth for letting me know how long it takes! 5 minutes to be exact on our light table in the basement.
I'm pretty happy wiht how they turned out, the images I had gotten printed at Kinkos were alittle bit
off so I made the whole print alittle bit offset, I'm let down by Kinkos. oh well i kinda like it better this way actually. The whole idea was to make it a pretty simple poster and to use the pink and yellow which were in Bryan's first file he sent me, I thought having the bright colors would be awesome and very noticeable when put up everywhere. Possibly get people to actually see the posters and wonder what there all about if they maybe dont know the bands.
Well here are some progress shots from the night.
some pics of the dirty basement at the studio building.