Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the caucus race

I've been working on a website latly for myself, and to put my more done projects up on, as opposed to my blog, where its more the process and me talking about them.
I have a website pretty much done that i finished in my web design class, but i'm not really happy with how it looks, i dont feel like it looks like my work, it's more of a black and white not interesting look. so i'm going to be working on a new site in the upcoming summer, and hopefully i'll have it up by the end of the summer. Here's 2 layouts of what the site i have now looks like.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

eat the rich

I went to New York last weekend to visit my sister who lives in Hoboken NJ, it was a good trip, I want to go back as soon as i have time and money.

When we were walking around NY decided to go into Barney's department store to look at the Rogues Gallery stuff that they had, cus I havent really had the chance to see much of our stuff in actual stores. It was pretty awesome to see some stuff that I had part in making, and remember actually sending it off to there, then seeing it in the store, it was a good experience.
That stores so expensive though, its pretty much only for rich stupid people, the tshirts were selling for $90 and other long sleeve stuff was around the $200-300 range, crazy. I didnt even look at the other companies pricing in there.

It makes you think though, why is art so expensive, its usually poor artists who have an idea, and try and sell it for as much money as they can, which makes the market for the more rich and well off customers. I know artists have to make a living to, but the artists dont even get half of that money that the store sells it for, they usually buy the stuff from the clothing company retail price, then make it 2 1/2 times the price they bought it for. this worlds about money, thats all i have to say, its sad.