Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kawa Bunga Dude

My friend tom has been working in Atlanta at six flags doing caricatures for the summer, he has some pretty awesome ones on his blog which is featured on my friends list, and he also drew one of me, "here". So i busted out the old caricature i had done of me when i was young, the pictures is dated '92. I was a ninja turtle!

the hunt for the red blackberries

I went home to new hampshire this past weekend, first to the warped tour with some friends, then decided to go home and spend time with my mom and my dog chunk, my sister also came home for the weekend from NJ.
The warped tour was pretty good for not actually having any good punk bands play it, it seems as i get older the less i like going to shows as i did when i was a teenager, I dont know what it is, i thought i would love going to shows/concerts my whole life. Well dont get me wrong i still enjoy a good band playing live but just not going to 4 or more shows a month as i did when i was in high school, "they were all drive 2-3 hours to get to the show to". I guess it's just that I'm getting alittle older and honestly i dont like most of the music coming out latly, i use to only listen to current bands, so eventually i could go see them play live, but the last few months I have mostly listened to band I SHOULD of listened to in high school, hot water music and there spin off bands, lifetime, lucero, old movie life, basically anything with a raspy singer. explosions in the sky have also become one of my favorite bands ever and I wish that i had discovered them sooner than i did, maybe i wouldent of listened to as many bad screamo bands as i did.
So back to warped, I spent much of the day alone wondering around watching bands like hot rod circuit, coheed, gallows, mc chris, bayside and alot others, none very notibale i might add. It was hot outside but not as much as last year which made my friend pass out from the heat and spent a long time with her at the medical tent as i heard saves the day play acoustic in the backround not being able to see him though. sad.

When i finally got home to new hampshire on friday It was a good break from portland and a 4 day break from work. i got to spend time with my mom which is always good and good for her at the same time not being able to see me for weeks at a time during the school year, which starts up in 2 or 3 weeks. We went to see The Sound of Music musical in Portsmouth, they have outside plays there every summer and my family use to go when I was little, my mom sister and I went, it was pretty fun, reminded me of when we went when i was little and always loved to climb on this big statue of a whale and slide down it, i kind of remember that more than the actual plays. Sorry no pictures from warped or the play.

When I go home I always end up going for a walk with my dog chunk, I use to have 3 dogs but the other two died recently in the last year and a half. so he's all i have left for a pet, he's pretty awesome, i feel like he;s lonly because he has no other dogs to fight and play around with and go for walks on our 100acres of woods surrounding our house. so he loves to run along as i walk down the road, somehow always staying 10-15 feet in front of me, never letting me get ahead of him until the moment i decide to turn back and head towards home. Sometimes he looks back to see if i;m catching up to him and if I'm not those 10-15 feet back he'll pick up speed with alittle hop in his step.