Monday, November 19, 2007

remember the way, second star to the right

Heres a design i made for my friend ryan's band "Sam the Boy", check out his stuff. I just made it for fun, nothing to serious. I kind of dont mind just making things/designs for people when there is no pressure to, thats why I like design in the first place. I mean someday i'll have to try and make money from it, but sometimes I dont really care.

I Believe In Growing Up

Here is the Cover for my this I believe book, "read below". and the layout for my page for my story. I guess you can read it if you want. and yes I want it to be annoying to read, "meaning the huge text".

new chucks

I've been designing a book for my Design class, its taken pretty much the whole semester, I'm waiting to get it back from the printers as we speak, its 100 full color pages and hard cover with a jacket sleeve. Its one of the first real books I'm getting professionally printed and I'm pretty excited to see it. Its called This I Believe and has stories from everyone in my design class, and its designed by me.
We had to design posters trying to sell our book. These are some of them, they will get printed at 4 feet by 3 feet and go throughout the school and library at my school, as well as the book getting displayed in the library.

This one V was the first one I designed, I decided to just go with it, because I dont actually think anyone is going to buy my book at the school, so I just figured I would write whatever I want and have fun with it.

business cards 2

New business cards I designed off of the one I made at david Wolfes studio. resume to, i'm still working on it.

bad cards

Card designs i did for a contest joe bornstein the lawyer had, it was to design two cards, one was a get well card and the other a happy birthday card. the wonner gets a laptop. so that is why i made these rediculous cutsy card designs. they were all done past 1:00am at some point. I kind of like them, there not anything like I would normally do.

Geary's Summer Ale 2008

My designs for The Geary's summer ale contest, we turned in full mockups for it last thursday, i didnt take pictures of the mock ups because i just finished them the night before we turn them in, i'll have photos eentually, here are some digital pictures of what they look like.

Friday, November 09, 2007

a flight and a crash

Throughout the last semester I've had a class working in David Wolfe's studio, which is basically a studio full of older printing press machines. It's teaching us how things were printed before the computer and sending things off to printers, we're coming up with images and type and printing them ourselves by using font drawers and laying out our own type letter by letter and casting them in lead. It takes a great amount of time to do all this, alot more than it would to just design somthing and print it out, but somehow its much more satisfying doing it yourself.
I made a business card today in his studio, and the image below the business card is an emblem type thing I'm going to use for a screen print I want to do that I;ve been putting off doing becuase I'm very low on money at the moment. It will get done though. There are some other things we've been working on in his class, but there moetly just text related. maybe i'll post them later.