Monday, May 19, 2008

no internet (sucks)

so i dont have internet at my apt. right now and my whole studio is in boxes and i need to find a new place to live in about 10 days, not there might not be to many updates latly. not that anyone reads this anyways.

Friday, May 09, 2008

senior thesis wall

Yesterday and today all the seniors at meca, "including me" hung up our walls for our senior thesis show, this is all of the work that we've been working on the last semester, well atleast what people want to show, these are two pictures of my wall. I wanted it to look like a little store you would walk up to, having to look through the shirts that I've printed, i also have 2 books to look through, free cd's and free post cards I got printed, our show is on sunday, right after our graduation!
hopefully no one steals my t-shirts, I'll write more about the show later, I will also have alot more pictures from graduation and the show. I'm also printing out a portfolio right now to because on Monday the day after graduation I have an interview at L.L. Bean for a design internship, wish me luck.