Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm moving on tuesday to my new apartment with my best friends Sarah and Ally, so i'm packin up.

eat, sleep, repeat

This semester I've been really into making books, I'm trying to think of ideas for my senior thesis next year and what I can do in it, and most of my ideas go back to either screen printing or book making, since thats what i'm most interested in right now, maybe i'll combine the two. Here are some books I made this semester, the first one "red book" is a process book I made for my Information design class, only a few pages are pictured but its a pretty thick process book, I bought an old book from the salvation army and took the cover off and beat it up alot, then used it for the cover of my process book.
2nd is a day planner I made for information design class, I dont really like it, but heres a picture of the cover.
3rd is a book wich has been on my blog before, its my process book for last semester, but last week I made another one of the same book so I could have one for myself since my teacher keeps one copy of it and I only made one copy last semester since it took so long to make.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

How to screen print book

This is a book i made for my Information Design class. The project was to show how something worked, or how to do something using information design, which pretty much means that getting the message across is the most important thing, and its not so much about your own style and design. I kind of chose to go away from that though and wanted to make a book right from the beginning, and went with one of my initial ideas to show how to do basic screen printing, I based it alittle off of a screen printing pamphlet i have, which is very cartooney. I wanted to go away from the cartoon aspect and try to make it a very professional looking book, even though when you think of screen printing, you don't usually think of professional, but its my book and that's the way i wanted to make it because I didn't want to just make a shitty book like the one I was basing it off of.
I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out, I love the paper and the colors. If I had more time to spend on the actual layout of the book and the text it would of came out alot better, but time is something i don't have lately to spend large amounts of time on a project. But i guess thas how things go in college, a lot of half ass'ed projects.
All and all I like the book though, i enjoy the actual making of the books more than i do laying them out most of the time.