Sunday, January 28, 2007


This is a small piece I did for my patti Labelle portraits page. it is all transferred onto canvas using blending markers, I like the look of it, just wish it was darker, but the blending markers I was using were running out, and transferring ont canvas is alot harder than paper.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

patti labelle

For my web design class we've been asked to make a blog, and base it on Patti Labelle, you know that older diva singer who sang that lady marmalade song, "the original". my concept is to study different aspects of her and try to do a different self portrait for each interesting thing i learn about her, we're suppose to update it every day for 2 week, so that means like 14 drawing, hopefully i'll be able to keep up and do that many, they wont be very detailed, just enough to stick with the concept, and hopefully something that I'm happy with showing. the website is HERE if you want to look at it. i might post some pics on here from it, depending on if i like them enough when i'm done.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Since I've been on christmas vacation I havent done to much art, I've been at home visiting my family and old friends I havent seen for awhile, all my stuff is at school anyways and in my studio. So hopefully in the next 2 weeks i'll get back into making some stuff, designing some things to later make into posters once I start working in the print shop at school.
I've just been playing around with making different images that say "kris johnsen . art" since I dont have a website besides this blog, But I want to create things that will attract people to the website, since mostly only friends look at this anyways. this is just one that I made in about 2 minutes in a commercial break from iron chef, which I guess theres a marathon on today, i'm pretty psyched since I dont have much else to do.