Sunday, July 06, 2008

unknown album

So latly I've been slow on producing much art work.. I definetly need to start my projects soon, but to be honest the last month or two since school ended has been awesome, I've seen some of my good friends more times since school has ended then I saw them all last year, and thats a good feeling, and I've been spending alot of time outside, going to the beach, cookouts, riding my bike latly, me and my friends Brittney and Teresa went on a bike ride fr around 3 hours today.
I've been keeping up on my blogs latly though, I go to them pretty daily and just to look at what other people are doing, my friend Aaron has a really cool one called mis-mused where he creates a comic and narrative for each day of his life, some of my other friends have started Illustration blogs, most notably Ryan's check it out!
I also came across all of the Dark Night posters the other day, I really like these posters and how there done, plus the movie looks amazing and I cant wait to see it.
I dont think I'm going to continue much with posting pictures of other posters and things I like, unless they are with work that I do because I always wanted to keep this thing/blog about me and my work, but I guess these things are about me and what inspires me so whatever, I guess I'm just trying to say I need to start doing work so I can keep posting it and not have to post other stuff thats not mine.
Check out all of the Dark Night posters HERE. Bye