Friday, December 15, 2006

sketch book

Here's my sketchbook for the time being, i started in in feb i think, and honestly havent worked on it to much latly, its more of a finished work kind of sketchbook though, its not where i just doodle and do sketches, its more of a collage type of book of my work and other peoples art that i admire, so not all of this work is mine, so i'm not trying to take credit for it. and its only a sketchbook. its somthing that i get inspiration from and look at from time to time, i'm gonna keep working on it more but I've been so busy with school that i just havent had time, but it'll slowly get worked on, or maybe I'll just start a new sketchbook, I kind of want one witout white pages, like the brown recycled books, they seem more interesting to me right now, the pages have more depth in them and there all grainy, and that helps me out for some reason, its alot nicer to look at than just a white page, a white page is so unappealing.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

junior majors process book

This is my process book for my graphic design junior majors class, its an overview of the whole semester, mostly from the graphic esign dept. but also from my personal life as I was going through this semester.
I chose to make it a picture book of the semester of pictures and inspirations throughout the time, it also has some examples of work in it, I wanted to keep it mostly process though and not so much of the finished work, since most people in the class and the teacher had already seen the work, so i wanted to get across my process. It has a big section in it for my time at Rogues Gallery, the company who I've been interning for since working there has been such a big part of my semester. I dont have any progress work for this book, its just the finalized book because I got this book done pretty fast, in about two days, working nopne stop though and in the studio till 7am, but besides that it got done fast. I binded it myself, glueing the pages together in the seam, and then sewing the book to the cover which is chipboard, then using some canvas I'v had around and made a cover out of it, then using a blending marker to put my name on the cover, and process book on th inside cover as well as the hand on the back inside cover.
I've always enjoyed making books when I've had to for assignments, I want to learn more about the binding process, because what i've been doing is pretty much self done with not much knowledge about it, I think they tur out pretty well for not knowing but I want to take a class on book making i think to get to know how to successfully bind a book without worrying about it falling apart for some reason.