Wednesday, December 12, 2007

make the clocks move

I made this clock tonight, its a park clock/part notebook with pages in the back of it, i know its not very practical, but thats not really the point. i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
and i finally got my This I Believe book back from, the colors are alittle off and the printing isent to great, but its pretty cool to see it printed in hardcover, i also printed 2 nice jackets for the book the other day, as you can see.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Its 6:40 am right now as I write this, I just made a mock-up of my portfolio with my work that I have so far displayed in it, its not finished, but wanted to put up some pictures of it because I'm pretty proud of the craft and time i put into this book, its 100% made by hand by me, and has 2 fold outs in it. its 13''-14.5'', made mostly of thick chipboard and medium size chipboard with binding tape and some glue, then print outs of my work.

Monday, December 03, 2007

light pollution

For my Design class one of our projects we're currently working on is a "leave behind piece", which I guess is something you would leave behind at a studio or a job interview after you go to one, or you would send it to the company shortly after your interview to remind them of you. or could just be something you use for an example of your work, which is basically what it is.
My whole idea is to base it off of cd packaging, which is what first inspired me to be a designer, it is 5''-5.5'', and folds out. this is not the final piece and does not have all of the art on it, the black squares will have more design work on them. one side of the foldout will have my more organic work on it, like drawings, sketches and more hand done pieces. and the other side will be more technical design stuff. that side is still to come. Oh and I put up a current picture of my studio. i just cleaned it up a bit.

V this cover is going to have the tree i used on my business card, possibly a bare tree with no leaves on the cover, and then when you un-velcro the cover it will be the tree with all the leaves filling it.