Tuesday, March 27, 2007

website number two

I designed another website for my web design class, the assignment was to make a website linking to 10 favorite things, or just 10 things, and have it with the buttons or whatever we may have chose to link to the different things, always on the page, i forget what its called when you do that.
So i chose to do my 10 favorite album covers and booklets.
i'm pretty happy with the website layout and the way or showing the booklets. i love the backround and the way it looks. its a very basic website but i wanted to focus on the way it looked and runs. I'm always attracted to well put together websites even if they dont have alot of flashy things on them. i'm also attracted to websites such as www.misprintedtype.com which is kind of how my last website was based from. i'm hoping for the next assignment in this class to combine the two and have it be a well working website. "website was taken down but here are some photos of the basic layout."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the hawk and the sun

These are some sketches i just did, i want to do something with them eventually but i figured i'd put something up on here, i think i might make a little book and use drawings like these, with really grainy paper.

for an up coming project in information design, i need to display how something works, I have an idea of maybe showing how birds wings work, or something else animal related, i think it will make the project alot more interesting that showing how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I think i would make it in little book form, like an instruction booklet, but it would tell something new on each page with a little illustration on the next page. maybe like 3 inches by 3 inches would be the size of the book. but who knows, lets see if i change my mind.

oh and sorry if i;m typing weird its very late and in in the computer lab and i have class at 9am. goodnight.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

t shirt designs

So I had an assignment at my work, and it was to design around 12 finalized images for tshirts and placement for each of them. I only had about 4 days to work on these because of school, homework, and still working at the shop at rogues. so these are most of the designs I came up with. I definetly like the drawn out ones better than the other photoshop looking ones, and i was told that they look alot better by everyone to. so i'm going to keep working with that kind of sketching and hopefully go more detailed, maybe drawing the out bigger to because i usually work on a smaller scale.
the drawings had to be rogues galleryish style, siince it was for them. and 3 other words I had to work from were...nautical, winter and astronomy. I started out working on wilderness looking ones, looking into hunting, moose and deer. even though I HATE hunting, but i'm really into the imagery right now.
so ya here are most of the images, there all one color prints.